Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The wind blowing across the lake had got a seductive smell, the smell of a charming damsel. May be it’s because of this aroma men coming here sit in search of solitude. There were three groups of people sitting beside me which gave an image of the life span of an ordinary man. It goes in the order of lovers, couple with a child and a couple in their old age .A cargo vessel was anchored on the opposite shore with few lights switched on. A languish image of the crew of the vessel was seen. It’s lights had drawn golden lines on the water. Let the desires of the vessel to conquer many shores not fade like the ripples on the water. Nearby , a Naval cargo ship kept roaring to break free to float on the beautiful golden water .Like a soldier walking with a peg of expensive cordial in hand and with utmost pride on its face it started moving.

The fishermen with their daily catch were approaching the shore .Their small boat kept dancing with the waves. I was able to see them from miles away because of the light they had. Clouds which portrayed artistic images once, became a canvas ruined by the artist due to the dissatisfaction of his work. It’s darker now…The soul of darkness is visible. It was golden in colour……

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