Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Redness of Love

Hey! look at the sky my beloved...do you see the redness far away...?
Yes..yes I do..Is it a burning red hot balloon?
Yeah,In one way it is burning...and believe it has life.
But I cant feel it..and I wonder why I can't my dear.
No you can't because it is sinking..I think you saw the golden color it gave to this motion less water..?
Of course, But why is it sinking even though it gave the golden color to the water..How rude the water is? How does the water have the audacity to engulf it..?
Its like that..life is like that..Now you catch it before it submerges in this deepness
Whether I can?Can I be able to do that..?
Only you can do..because it is my heart, my wounded heart.

1 comment:

praveenpallippuram said...

Evidunno churandi mattiya kure dialogukalumayi vannirikkanu..hmmm....ezhithiyirkkunnathellam nunayanenkilum vayikkan rasamund..kollam adipoli..


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