Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Worthwhile Chat

"Callous" is the best way which I find to explain the act. Though my friend agreed with me he said that the condition is different in Mumbai. This was his answer to my question of where he and I will go if the Kannadikas felt the same. This was how it started. For those who haven't got the topic we are discussing about, it is the problem prevailing in India’s commercial capital.
My friend who is from Mumbai is working in an IT firm in Bangalore. He knows Mumbai better than me and he explained the situation by citing examples. His point was that if a Bihari came and sold any products in Mumbai with a much lesser price than a Marathi does, the Marathi’s business will have to be shut down. The Bihari can reduce the price because he needs the profit to earn his livelihood which is much lesser than a Marathi. This happens because the Bihari’s family is living in Bihar where the cost of living is much lesser when compared to the Marathi's who has to find his bread and shelter for his entire family who lives in the commercial capital of the country. Once the Bihari gets established, he will invite his friend from the same part to start the business. It keeps on going continuously that many Marathis will be completely exhausted from the market. He who knows no other means to survive will be dumped to the below poverty line
Also the people coming from outside the state will use least economic modes of shelter and primary needs; the hygienic condition of the city will be ruined. As a result the environment will be polluted.
I admit the fact that being a Marathi he has every right to be concerned about his city.
But I too pointed out that those people who don't have any friends or relatives working in another state do not have the right to say it. As it is, people like him and me don’t have the right at all. What will be the case if each state in India started adopting the same principle? Then there should be regulations imposed if it goes on likes this. Our country will be in a pathetic sate if it happens so.
If we being Indians are feeling this what will be the case of foreigners. Many of our state seeks NRI income as a major source of development. What will be the case if Gulf countries started throwing Indians from there? In one way or the other our IT people are responsible for the recent unemployment in US .Just imagine the situation if they started grumbling about this and taking it to the public in protest.
At last a solution for this should be made. Otherwise there will be no significance in this discussion. So what I found as a remedy is that the state government should strictly follow the policy of filling the state government jobs with the local people. I believe that most states follow it. If it is not possible then at least give special consideration for the locals. The government should also encourage the local entrepreneurs to start new establishment and should give more privileges to them. They should give consideration for the suburban areas in development and not concentrate only on a particular city.

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