Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Search For The Dew

In Search For The Dew...In search for the dew...its in search for the dew..

The way it began is a mystery and rest is as in the history.

Truly now you sees someone as the essence for your life.

Insomnia may be a disorder, but for you its joy,

a tool to search for the dew... search for the love

What gives you more joy than dreaming about her?

I too admit the fact that the dew in her lips may give.

The moment is an avalanche of retentive emotions,

Ah! an emission of invisible feelings.

You seeing the nugatory as the nugget is what expected.

Conditions may built,but are just castles on the sand.

To love and being loved may takes you atop the world of eternity.

Now its even easier to make your eyes wet but not your mind set.

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